Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free PDF Converter in .NET

I have been struggling looking for non-commercial PDF library to convert my ASP.NET pages to PDF for reporting purpose. Finally, I decided to choose iTextSharp v3.1.5 library among other free libraries. I have found out that the library is extremely handy with few cool features such as document watermarking and encryption, user permission on copying, printing the document and the list goes on.

Anyway, there is an annoying problem - the library has iTextSharp.text.Image class, which conflicts with the System.Drawing.Image class. Hence, the class will be ambiguous if both namespaces are imported in your project. Anyway, this matter is bearable for me. :)

Library Project Homepage :
Library Download :
Tutorial (C#) Download :
Tutorial (VB) Download :

Cool !

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Guy said...

Hi - could you tell me how you overcame the problem of ambiguous classes? I get the message "document is ambiguous in the namespace itextsharp" but cannot see how to overcome this. Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks.