Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No more DbCommandWrapper class

I'm testing the Enterprise Library January CTP 2006, and I have been searching for the DbCommandWrapper class and the GetXCommandWrapper() methods of Database class but they do not exist. Eventually, I found out that they are actually removed from the DAAB in this new version.

Example of code for old versions of DAAB prior to January 2006 release

Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
DBCommandWrapper dbCommand = db.GetStoredProcCommandWrapper("SelectAuthors");
dbCommand.AddInParameter("AuthorID", DbType.String, strAuthorID);
DataSet dsAuthors = db.ExecuteDataSet(dbCommand);

Example of code for DAAB January CTP 2006

using System.Data.Common;

Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
DbCommand dbCommand = db.GetStoredProcCommand("SelectAuthors");
db.AddInParameter(dbCommand,"AuthorID", DbType.String, strAuthorID);
DataSet dsAuthors = db.ExecuteDataSet(dbCommand);

Be informed that some online examples are using DbCommandWrapper class. thus, make some modification like above. Visit Intro to DAAB January 2006 for more version migration issues.

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Ramos said...

Thanks. I was using ver 4 and DBCommandWrapper and was banging my head to figure out why the curly underline.