Friday, October 13, 2006

Browser DOM Supports and Compatibility Issues

I occasionally get some earful from other people how hard to develop an AJAX application. Well, it isn't that hard if you use on-ready AJAX development tools such as Atlas. Nevertheless, you may be cracking your head on writing remote scripting from ground up because there are few issues need to be taken care.

Other than the checking the types of the browser, you also need to concern about the DOM supports the particular browser can support. For instance, the innerText property of < span > is not supported in FireFox, you have to use textContent property or universal supported innerHTML property. Here are the listing of sites that you may need to check the DOM that the layout engines in each browser can support.

1. Web browser HTML support

2. Web browser DOM support

3. DOM Support in Mozilla

4. Comparison of layout engines (DOM)

5. Common Differences Among IE and Mozilla

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