Monday, October 30, 2006

New Features of my Blog

I have implemented my blogger with new Blogger Beta, and it is pretty amazing. The template in HTML is different from the classic template style. There are some new features added in this blog, such as post count in the right-hand-side sidebar, new widgets, new navigation bar. Other features such as blogs searching will be added soon. Although it is not completely nice, it nears to perfection.

For those users who use this blogger, you can visit for the version switching, or visit these sites for helps.


Still figuring out its features and specialities....


chuawenching said...

Cool. I didn't know there is even beta for Blogspot. Everything is going beta nowadays :)

Alvin Chooi said...

Yeah, Google like to release beta-version services for quite period of some times.... Same to this, I guess.