Thursday, October 05, 2006

[My Project] My Helper library is OUT !

I have been working on creating a simple library which consists of 5 major helper classes in this version as following:

1. ValidationHelper class

a. IsValidFileName()
b. IsValidNumeric()
c. IsDBNullValue()
d. IsValidDateFormat()
e. IsAlpahbet()
f. IsAlphaNumeric()
g. IsValidUserName()
h. IsValidName()
i. IsValidStateName() // Malaysia Context only
j. IsValidPhoneNo() // Malaysia Context only
k. IsValidHPNo() // Malaysia Context only
l. IsValidICNo() // Malaysia Context only
m. IsValidPostalCode() // Malaysia Context only
n. IsValidEmail()

2. SecurityHelper Class

a. GenerateHash() // MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
b. GenerateHashInString()
c. CompareValueToHash()
d. TDESEncrypt() and TDESDecrypt() // Triple DES

3. MailHelper Class

a. SendMessage()

4. HttpPostHelper Class

a. SendRequest()

5. ClientScriptHelper Class (ASP.NET only)

a. ShowMessage()

* I am working on the XmlHelper and FileHelper classes in coming release.

Download Library DLL and Examples :

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